Gorilla Bomb ( Island Life Seeds ) 5 pk

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Gorilla Bomb ( Island Life Seeds ) 5 pk

Gorilla Glue x THC Bomb

This bombalicious, slightly Sativa dominant strain is filled with 25%+ of THC, which is super potent. Any strain that contains the word “Gorilla” most likely derives from Gorilla Glue, a super sticky, pungent, and earthy variety that has barreled into the mainstream cannabis market and dominated in the last few years. With THC Bomb added into the mix, Gorilla Bomb became a ultra-powerful beast. During the 9–10 week flowering phase, growers will experience super sticky resin dripping from the buds. This plant has been selected and bred for its adhesive nature. Indoor growers will receive 400–550g/m² of chunky nugs. Outdoor growers can expect Gorilla Bomb to detonate with extra-ripe buds when harvest comes during October

Sex: Feminised
Lineage: Gorilla Glue x THC Bomb
Flowering: 9-10 Weeks
Harvest: 400-550g
Room Type: Indoor/Greenhouse/Outdoor