MK Ultra ( Island Life Seeds ) 5 pk

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MK Ultra ( Island Life Seeds ) 5 pk

G-13 x OG Kush

MK-Ultra is named after the famous L.S.D. experiments in the 50's. This mind-blowing strain is the legendary G-13 crossed with L.A.'s finest, the O.G.(Original Gangster) Kush is from L.A. California. It grows very straight, does not branch too much, it has lovely long, big leaves even though its kush name suggests its an indica there is defiantly some sativa in there. Very tight resin coated buds. The taste of the MK Ultra is unique, a real piney, spicy flavour, that lasts and lasts. The strain grows best in an indoor environment, growing only to approximately 100-120cm in height and producing 350-450g per square meter on average.

Sex: Regular
Lineage: G-13 x OG Kush
Flowering: 8-9 Weeks
Harvest: 350-450g
Room Type: Indoor